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Social network of the new generation, Salamworld is a global social platform based on Islamic values. Core mission of Salamworld is to unite people, share interests and make them real.

Salamworld is the unique communication system with the complex of innovative and useful services for modern generation that allows sharing information, skills and developing business opportunities. All applications and content of the platform are being developed on the base of halal principles! However, we’re open to everyone, Muslims, their friends, and non-Muslims, sharing the values of Islam.

The clothing of “Irada” brand combines high-quality tailoring, natural fabrics, excellent fit, modest but fashionable and stylish designs and, last but not least, reasonable price! We produce our Muslim clothing in the large workshops, using templates ordered from specialized companies and Turkish, Italian and German fabrics. The great experience and new technologies ensure that our clothing will fit everyone. Our designers not only invent the models of clothing conforming to shariah, but also examine fashion trends of each season and put this knowledge into practice. We are eager to show that a Muslim woman wearing hijab can look stylish and beautiful. We use the most popular colors and designs for every season. Thus, a Muslim woman wearing “Irada” clothing is a woman of taste, following the shariah principles.

Теl. + 7 (926) 139-29-49, e-mail: amins@ya.ru; www.irada.su

Headway School of English has been working since 2011. Despite small school advertising there are a lot of students studying and clients desiring to study in here. We achieve that due to excellent service, honest attitude towards work and professional staff which includes qualified experts with two higher education (teacher, linguist) and foreign teachers with native English language. We aim to combine properly grammar with practice classes to maximize studies efficiency. Moreover, we could take into account all the moments we could face during the studies process: our competitive advantage is a possibility to compensate the missed lessons for our students with no charge at all. Our main goal is to make sure that our graduating student is satisfied with us and graduates from Headway with Advanced level of English!

Tel. +79030079822, +7 (495) 669 15 22 Email: headwayschool@yandex.ru www.headwayschool.ru

Representation of a major food-holding “ACT INTERNATIONAL (Agro Alimentary Consortium of Tunisia)” provides high-quality foods from Tunisia: sesame halva “LeMoulin” (vanilla, almond, pistachio, chocolate, no sugar added), tahini (sesame sauce) “Le Moulin”, olive oil “Terra Delissa” (Extra Virginia, Refined, tin & glass packing), dates of “Baraka” (weighted and packaged, fresh on the branch), Couscous “PRIMORO” (grits from durum wheat). E-mail: lemoulin.moscou@gmail.com

A chain of fast food restaurants “Livan House” is in big shopping malls in the center of Moscow. “Livan House” is an oriental fast food restaurant. Our menu would attract both those who like having fast lunch of good quality and the ones who prefer delicious Arabic and Turkish cuisine. All dishes are cooked from fresh and ecologically clean food according to Islamic tradition. We try to use locally manufactured product that is not frozen. You are welcome to “Livan House” where you can find excellent food, traditional hospitality and perfect service.

We present a series of "Baraka" is range of products based on herbs and medicinal plants of Ceylon. Activities: 1. Black Cumin Oil Baraka. 2. Essential oils 3. Organic coconut oil and herbal teas. Product quality is confirmed by certificates of ISO 22000:2005, GMP, HACCP, Halal.


Dilya Publishing House has been participating the book market since 1992. So far more than 1000 have been published. The publishing house is engaged in an effective cooperation with both domestic and foreign authors. Thanks to the adequate distribution system our books are available in every part of the Russian book market including the most far away regions of the country. Dilya Publishing House successfully functions in both Russian main cities, Moscow and Saint Petersburg, being traditionally oriented to timeless values. The books we publish deserve to be kept in every home, in every family.


Islamic Development Bank and the Russia muftis Council according to the MOU which was signed in the 2007 year implements the Scholarship Programme as an interest-free loan to enable people to study Medicine, Engineering or Agriculture (or other fields as approved by the IDB) and it covers the cost of living, clothing, books, tuition fees and medical costs. The students are expected upon graduation to pay back the scholarship and other funds he received from the Bank, in easy installments, to the Russia muftis Council.

The scholarship is a grant from the Bank to the local community to enable it to sustain the scholarship into the future to benefit others. Nowadays there are more than 60 students studying under the Programme in the best Russian Universities. Tel.: + 7 (495) 684-76-79 (доб.112), + 7 (926) 511-58-17 E- mail: muslimstudy@gmail.com; www.muslimedu.ru, www.muslimeco.ru

The priority for the publishing house of the Russia Muftis Council “Islamic Book” is the production of textbooks. Also calendar products and books are published in conjunction with representatives of other religions on the prospects for dialogue and cooperation and a number of printed products, providing activities Russia Muftis Council, are appeared. Particularly we want to emphasize the active participation of “Islamic Books” publisher at national and international book fairs. A promising direction for us is the coordinated work with other Muslim publishers. We feel the great and important role played by the publishing house, which aims are spread peace and goodness in contemporary Russian society.

Тел/факс: + 7 (495) 684-76-79 E-mail: muslimkitab@mail.ru www.islamkniga.ru

«Pestrechinka» Ltd is the official distributor of poultry meat products produced by poultry farming unit of «Ak Bars» Holding company (comprising two poultry farms). Products are sold through brand networks under the trade mark “Pestrechinka” which is well-known in the Republic of Tatarstan and beyond it. Product line comprises more than 100 names including about 30 names produced in accordance with “Halal” standards.

Тел.: +7 (843) 557-72-20 E-mail: pestrechinka.kzn@mail.ru

"Himiko-pischevoy Aromatic Plant" LLC is the biggest Russian aromatizer manufacturer for food industry. The development of the Plant has been carried out since 1935. More than 50 years it was the exclusive flavourings supplier for all food enterprises of the former Soviet Union. The multiyear flavouring production traditions and a rich experience of the employees numbering more than 200 people allows meeting an increasing demand of food industry enterprise for the Aromatic Plant products. Quality management system fulfills the requirements of the Standard ISO 9001-2008 and Standard of Muftis Council of Russian Federation (Halal Certificate №041-МЦСиС)

Saint Petersburg, 195027, Russian Federation +7 812 326 4812, info@khpa.ru www.khpa.ru

“Lactis” CJSC is among the leading manufacturers of dairy products in the northwest of Russia. The strategy of the company focuses on taste, natural products and safety. Its trademarks include: “Snezhok”, “Zapovedniy Lug”, “Vostorg”, “Megabio”, “Dolceza”, “Dar”. The company has modern equipment of the best global manufacturers and significant production capacities. Based on global experience and own solutions in the field of milk processing methods and technologies, the company successfully deploys the technologies and sharter cultures of international manufacturers corresponding to the most exigent demands of modern production.


Hizmet Tour is one of the leading Russia tour operators. Since 2006 it has been successfully providing the organization of Hajj, Umrah, vacations abroad and ticket selling. Due to successful and high-quality activity it won the confidence and respect among its clients for the short time. The methods of Hizmet Tour’s working leave every client, who once used the service of this tour operator, with the desire to apply it the next time. Relying on the Hizmet Tour, you can be sure you are always under the constant control of the high-grade specialists, which know how to provide qualitative tour, including all fine details. Hizmet Tour is the right choice for decent worship.

Email: info@hizmettour.ru; www.hizmettour.ru

«LISKO-Broiler» LLC is situated in the Central black-earth area, in Voronezh region, in the town of Liski. «LISKO-Broiler» organizes a complete production cycle with strict control at all production stages. Our company’s assortment of products includes halal products approved and certified by the Center for Halal Standardization and Certification of Russia Muftis Council. The main purpose of our company is to provide consumers with high quality ecologically clean poultry meat.

Теl.: + 7 (47391) 3-48-63, 3-54-12 (13-16) mail@liskifitting.ru

"Najm tour" is the first company in Russia created specifically for the organization of Hajj and Umrah. Since 1998, "Najm tour" has been certified for Hajj and Umrah by the ДУМЕР. The main purpose of "Najm tour" is to provide all the required conditions for all who wish to perform Hajj as one of the principal forms of worship. Furthermore with "Najm tour" you can travel to the sanctuaries of Jordan and Jerusalem, visit Istanbul or get rest at the seashore witch belongs to one of the famous hotels satisfying the requirements of Sharia.

Web: www.najmtur.ru; E-mail: najmtur@mail.ru

«OTEСAVIA», Ltd. provides passenger and cargo air transfer services to the cities of Central Asia region: Andijan, Karshi, Namangan, Osh, Samarkand, Termez and Ferghana. We expand wide sales ofificies network in regions and in Moscow.

We have a Programm of Encouragement of passengers, and special offers for groups. Our flexible structure of tariffs allows choosing the optimal price decision to transfer cargoes.

For partnership, e-mail to: oteсavia@bk.ru. Telephones of offices: Moscow: +7 499 1324020; Uzbekistan: +998 97 4042043; Kyrgyzstan: +996 3222 87353 www.otecavia.ru

“State Farm Roshinsky” State Unitary Agricultural Enterprise of Bashkortostan Republic is located in the Sterlitamak district in Republic of Bashkortostan. It is the largest agro-industrial association in the area. The company was founded in December 1979 and extended in 2007.

At the present time it is an association of enterprises of livestock, crops, meat processing, production of greenhouse vegetables, lemons, cultivation of vegetables and potatoes in the open field, tailoring, auto service, bakeries, pastry shops, commercial and breeding horse breeding, production koumiss, trade and roadside service. The association consists of more than 9 dairy farms, 6,000 head of cattle, 350 horses, 37 thousand of farmland (where 27,000 hectares are the arable land).

Тел.: + 7 (3473) 22-15-33, 22-42-23, факс: + 7 (3473) 22-15-34 E-mail: roschinsk@ufamts.ru

Meat processing factory «SAFA» Following Muslim tradition and the use of modern technologies allow us to produce tasty meat products of the highest quality. Sausage and a ham, and also meat delicacies from a horse-flesh, beef, mutton and a bird are prepared for You with love and skill. Our products are made exclusively from the fresh cooled meat with addition of natural spices. We write our credo on each packing with pride: “Pure meat – true to the tradition”

Теl: + 7 (495) 781-85-67 www.safahalal.ru

For connoisseurs of quality products. «Halal Ash» – is the production of tasty halal food of high quality, certified by the Russia Muftis Council. For Muslims and anyone else who wants healthy food – there are halal-shop and café on the territory of the Moscow Cathedral Mosque at Vypolzov side street 7. The products of “Halal Ash” are always fresh and high-quality, as the company has its own factory in Moscow area.

Тел.: + 7 (495) 681-58-30, + 7 (926) 481-10-08. e-mail: halal_ash@mail.гu www.halal-ash.ru

Musulmanka (The Muslim Woman), an Islamic magazine for women, is the first and only Russian-language publication covering all aspects of woman’s life in Islam. Each issue features exclusive interviews, special reports, articles in theology and Qur’anic studies, discussions of family matters, and reviews of cultural events. The magazine is published with cooperation of the Russia Muftis Council and is supported by the Islamic Culture Research Foundation. The publication is registered with the Federal Agency on Press and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation.

E-mail: chief.editor@musulmanka.ru, sales@musulmanka.ru www.musulmanka.ru

Mardjani Publishing House publishes academic and popular literature on Islam, history and culture of the Muslim world, philosophy, ethnology, social and political issues, arts and folklore of Muslim people’s. Besides that, the Mardjani Publishing House issues a literary almanac «Chetky», and «Pax Islamica» Journal for Study of Islam.

As a part of its educatiobal mission The Mardjani Publishing House publishes popular tails, folklore and epos of Russia’s and Eastern peoples adopted for children and youth. Address: Russia Vavilova St., 69, Moscow 117997 Telephone: (495) 956-04-78 E-mail: idm@mardjani.ru www.mardjani.ru

Group of companies "Tsaritsyno" - one of the largest producer of "Halal" in Russia. Competitive advantages of "Halal" from "Tsaritsyno": • Each product of "Halal" is certified according to the Council of Muftis of Russia "Halal-PPT-CMP"; • Every raw materials, additives, spices and quality control system are certified; • All "Halal" products, made under the supervision of the authorized representative of the Council of Muftis of Russia. He’s name is Hishem Boussahi, he is a veterinary doctor. "Halal" from "Tsaritsyno" prefer how the largest federal retailers and buyers of specialty food shops. Products "Halal" from "Tsaritsyno" will be useful for everybody who care about your health. Теl: + 7 (495) 228-12-66

Confectionery Production Firm "Petra" / OJSC "Petra +" operates on confectionary market since July 2003. Our portfolio includes over 160 items: cakes, biscuits, cookies, and baklava which are represented in large retail chains and retail stores in over 10 cities throughout Russia. Every day we are creating confectionery masterpieces and strive to be leaders in that field. Confectionery Production «Petra»


Chelny-Broiler Ltd. Has been making Halal products since 2004. 38 kinds of products have State certificate of Halal. These are eviscerated poultry meat, by-prodycts, semi-finished broiler meat products, finished poultry meat products such as sausages, rolls, ham and smoked products as well as cutlets and marinated goods. Poultry used for halal meat production is grown on environmentally friendly feed in which any hormonal additives are excluded.

Halal products are separated from the others during the production process on Chelny -Broiler Ltd. starting from slaughter till the delivery to the shops. Consumers of halal products by Chelny -Broiler can be sure that they eat the allowed food.

Tel/Fax: (8552) 74-60-05, 74-60-50 www.chelny-broiler.ru; office@chelny-broiler.ru

Fisabil, Annual Purpose-based Muslim Diary Fisabil (Arabic – on the way) is a series of annual purpose-based Muslim diaries. It is specially designed for the people whose family history is related to Islam. Fisabil will provide you with important everyday information. Fisabil helps to combine your business life and the traditions of Islam. The project of Fisabil Business was launched in 2011. In the coming years, the Fisabil Family, Fisabil Woman and Fisabil Hajj diaries will also be published. Fisabil is the new project of modern Russia under the auspices of the Russia Muftis Council.

Sigma Group of Companies is one of the largest vegetable oil manufacturers in Russian Federation. It has powerful manufacturing complex with full cycle of oil production. Sigma’s distributing network covers many regions of Russia. The company also expands abroad; it cooperates with companies from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan etc.

In 2011 Sigma’s enterprises was verified by Halal Standard Committee of Bashkortostan Republic (Russia). Then Sigma received the Certificate of Conformity to the Halal standards for vegetable oils and production technology. Sigma produces a high-quality vegetable oils in bulks for mayonnaise production and in bottles under trademarks “Korona izobiliya”, “7 podsolnukhov”, "Chishminskoe Halal” etc.

Tel./fax: +007 35139 7-51-49, +007 351 778 51 38 www.tdsigma.ru

ZAO “Elinar-Broiler” is a full cycle poultry complex, its facilities are located in Naro-Fominsk, Checkov and Noginsk districts. The company produces more than 100 fresh product items under First Fresh brand name. The plant produces natural products: whole chicken and parts, and also a wide range of ready-to-cook chicken products: sausages, cutlets, products for grill. Elinar-Broiler was one of the first companies in Russia to receive permission to produce Halal products. Now it includes about 10 product items.

Теl.: + 7 (495) 745-59-53/54

Born in Ankara in 1956, Adnan Oktar writes his books under the pen name of Harun Yahya. He is a world-renowned man of ideas. He has dedicated his life to telling of the existence and oneness of Almighty Allah, to disseminating the moral values of the Qur’an, to the intellectual defeat of materialist and atheist ideologies, to defending the permanence of the state and the unity of the nation. He has never wavered in the face of difficulties and despite oppression from materialist, Darwinist and separatist circles, still continues this intellectual struggle today exhibiting great patience and determination. The total number of books and films published by Oktar and translated to 72 languages is 450.


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